Missions in Mexico

Our trip to Mexico has been an annual mission since 2005. Every October, 20-25 volunteers travel just over the border to CIMA Hospital in Hermosillo, Mexico. The partnership CSI has with CIMA hospital is in collaboration with St. Andrew’s Clinic in Nogales, Arizona. St Andrew’s provides free, specialized medical care to children living in Mexico who cannot get the care or afford the care they need in their home country.

The reception we receive each year is overwhelming; all of the patients and their families await the team’s arrival and, in practiced English, greet us with a heartfelt "Welcome to Hermosillo!" The CSI team members work in tandem with volunteers from St. Andrew’s Clinic, and help with translation and coordination. This partnership has been monumental in sustaining the mission, as "The Ladies" (as the St. Andrew’s volunteers are referred to) help spread the word about our mission and recruit candidates for surgery.

Although this is our shortest mission trip, usually only 3 days, we are able to perform 30-40 surgeries, most of which are cleft-related, but recently we have expanded to accommodate other ENT-related needs. As in all of our locations, we work closely with our host hospital’s medical personnel. We provide instruction as well as educational resources as appropriate, but are always learning ourselves as well. This mission in particular is successful because of all the teamwork, dedication and investment of so many parties.

See pictures from Mexico.

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